What the heck is mobile-ready?

17 Jul


As the online world runs to go mobile, many phrases like “mobile-ready” and “mobile-optimized” can be heard and seen as one looks around for clues on the path to take to go mobile.

Unfortunately, there is no standard on what either of these phrases mean. In order to understand what they mean for your nonprofit’s efforts to go mobile, one has to see the meaning with their own eyes and decide for yourself. It can’t be just a phrase that you read since the consequences are pretty extreme.

Take the image above. This is a brand X version of “mobile-ready”. On a phone this will render but your first action will be to start pinching and swiping so you can see what the heck is on this page. This page happens to be a donation page but when a potential donor sees it for the first time they likely don’t know this.

If this is a bad experience to them, a recent report from Mobile Commerce Daily suggests that 44% won’t come back. What’s worse is 50% of donors will not complete their donation to you on their mobile phone if the process is too hard.

So this version of mobile-ready leaves something to be desired. If the first action a visitor to this page takes is not entering data or completing the phone then mobile-ready just doesn’t make sense for nonprofits looking to go mobile.

For us at RAZ Mobile it’s about mobile-optimized. This is why apps are so popular since they load quickly, render easily and are easy to navigate. If the image above was an app I dare say it wouldn’t rate even 1 star in a app store ranking system.

The best advice I can offer to any nonprofit looking to choose a path to go mobile is to see for yourself on your phone what a donor sees of your nonprofit on their mobile phone. Then ask yourself if it requires too much pinching, swiping and waiting. If it does, check out what RAZ Mobile does and sign up for an online demo at http://www.razmobile.com

It’s worth the time to check out just what we mean when we say “mobile-optimized.”

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