Text-to-give is beginning to fade from view

24 Jul


Looking back at the start of RAZ Mobile we clearly were not impressed with its dominance in mobile fundraising nor were we happy with the manifold limitations of text-to-give. I won’t list them all here. They’re on our website www.razmobile.com. These limitations drove us to look for a better way to engage supporters and fundraise via their mobile phones. Our intent was to use technology to better engage donors and make it easy for them to give any amount when they feel they are “in the moment.” I consider this a goal we’ve met.

Another goal we set for ourselves for 2013 was to highlight these limitations as a marketing tactic to differentiate RAZ Mobile in the marketplace and to make 2013 the year that text-to-give began to fade from view.

Along the way towards furthering this goal, I was met with some industry resistance on a couple of noteworthy topics pertaining to the limitations of text-to-give.

One was my claim about the carrier taking up to 50% of the donation. I was told this wasn’t the case and was strongly urged to retract my statement. I didn’t and instead relied on the fact that this is repeated on the internet so my claim was merely a recitation of what any one can find in the public domain.

The other dispute arose out of repeating what we had been told firsthand by a nonprofit user of text-to-give who stated in their estimation, aside from donations to them for the Joplin, Missouri tornado relief, they only saw 3% of pledges actually being paid by donors to their text-to-give campaign. In reality, text-to-give is a pledge first, and only becomes a donation when the person pays this portion of their wireless carrier bill. So, this isn’t my data, it’s the data from a text-to-give industry customer. It’s their data.

Disputes aside, text-to-give is fading from view in my opinion as more nonprofits (and political organizations) realize the limitations make it very unattractive for mobile fundraising.

What’s more, and I always go back to this point, millennial donors that have given via text-to-give prefer giving to mobile optimized websites when they are in the moment.

As text-to-give fades from view please consider giving the donors what they want – a great mobile experience like the one they’ll get from your RAZ Mobile site and let them show you how much they care about your mission.

One Response to “Text-to-give is beginning to fade from view”

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