QR Codes can help you see what communications drive donations

31 Jul

qr code

Yesterday I was in Lawrence, KS at a SocialIRL event and I was asked, as I am many times, about QR codes as a means to let donors give. The questions are usually something like “does anyone do that?” and “why should we add them to our communications?”.

To the former I say “YES!” and to the latter I say “It’s just the price of ink to give donors this option and see how they respond.”

Our customers are getting mobile donations from QR code scans and it’s not only millennials that are doing it. We’ve seen folks over 40 do this.

As far as using them in print material like direct mail, business cards, posters and the like, the example above is a great way to add copy to a QR code to let donors know they’re going to your mobile site. You can add the QR code and copy to your direct mail or as a picture on Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram or any where you can share images with your supporters.

Even better is that on our platform you have the ability with our QwikRAZ feature to create a unique QR code for each of your communication channels. You could have one for direct mail, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram just to name the most popular channels in use today by nonprofits.

By doing this you have the ability to track in real-time how each channel is performing as a donation-generating channel. We would always advise our customers to do something like this to experiment with what channels their supporters respond to when they make their donations.

In the fast food business the use of QR codes for this same purpose of seeing what communication their customers respond to is growing. Here’s a link to a great article about that.

I used to be a QR code pessimist but having seen their creative use in the for-profit world and their positive reception by some donors that scan them to make mobile donations, I am very much pro QR code.

The added benefit of using them to see how your channels are performing makes them very valuable too.

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