In the world of mobile, less is more

7 Aug

less is more

Frequently when talking to our great customers or ones that are looking to come on board our platform I tell them this very thing-in the world of mobile, less is more.

I learned this axiom when I was the TV guy at Sprint back in 2003 and 2004. In 2003 while at Sprint, I launched MobiTV and we were the first carrier in the US to offer live TV on mobile phones. In 2004 we followed up MobiTV with a Sprint-branded service called (boring alert!) Sprint TV.

One thing we quickly learned is that hardly anyone sat down to watch a full broadcast of anything nor did anyone ever make it to the end of a video clip that was on Sprint TV.

The reason for this was an assumption we had at the time that because anyone with a mobile phone is on the go and easily distracted they would “snack” on content. For most of us who channel surf, watching TV is a lot like snacking so the behavior was replicated from one screen to the other. So our assumption back then was proven to be correct.

The other thing driving less is more in mobile besides snacking behavior is that there are so many things you can do with your phone that none of them really engage someone for an extended period of time. My web browsing on my phone tends to be very targeted and centered on completing a task or getting a piece of information. On my laptop, I do tend to mix in a lot of mindless looking around. This is more like me filling time while I’m bored.

What does this mean for nonprofits and politicians looking to go mobile? Simply stated-be OK with not having every section of your PC site in your mobile site. Think like a supporter and present them only the information you think they can easily consume in one minute. One minute is all they’ll give you and if this is all the time you have to engage your supporter, your mobile site must render quickly and it must be easy to navigate because their minute starts when they tap on the link to your site.

Above all, make it easy for them to give because you never know when they might want to give.

Remembering less is more when you go mobile will also help you manage your time. No need to worry about writing grant letters or 4 page appeal letters. Just give them fresh snack-sized pieces of content they can easily consume on the go.

Even though it seems like we’re all ADD these days this can work to your advantage when you go mobile!

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