Uh oh. Could I be costing my supporters money?

30 Oct


With this kind of title for a blog aimed at nonprofits I won’t beat around the bush. The issue is simple. Your donors search for you on their mobile phone, they find your main page and they click on the URL.

Then the wait starts if all you have to show them is your PC site. What’s happening while they wait?

Besides frustrating them, you are delivering lots of megabytes (MBs) of data to their phone since what you rely on to be your mobile presence for your supporters is a page full of MBs that was designed to viewed on a PC.

It is these MBs that are costing your supporters. They have to pay their wireless carrier for their data plan (unless they have an unlimted plan – most don’t) and the MBs you are trying to send them to fulfill their search for you eats out of their wireless data plan.

If they’ve used all their data plan doing other things, their search for you could be costing them more than the MBs coming out of their data plan.

What aggravates this situation is research has shown that many people won’t wait for your PC site to load and they move on to something else in their day. Even when they leave they still had MBs delivered to their phone even if your PC site doesn’t render so this essentially equates to a waste of MBs and a waste of your supporters time and perhaps money.

I know one of the things that drives this situation is many staffers and board members have never seen their PC site on a mobile phone. They don’t know what they are showing their supporters who search for them on a mobile phone. They’ve never attempted a donation to their PC donation page from a mobile phone.

I am constantly surprised by this and yet the reaction I’ve received from even nonprofit consultants is “mobile visitors to our PC site don’t give” and this somehow makes mobile giving not something they embrace at all.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have customers raising thousands of dollars ($1400 in an hour this past weekend at a live event) and one of the great things some of our customers do is redirect their mobile visitors to their RAZ Mobile site instead of their PC site.

This is such a great thing to do for your supporters. It shows you care about their time and money. It shows that you value them and that you want them to have a great experience with your nonprofit no matter how they try to interact with you.

Is a redirect hard to deploy? Not at all. Your web hosting company can do this for you and if they can’t, we’re always here to help. It just take a few lines of very, very common code installed at your web domain host and your RAZ Mobile site URL.

With a redirect in place pointing mobile supporters to your RAZ Mobile site, they no longer have to wait since RAZ Mobile sites are very lightweight-we’re talking kilobytes not MBs. RAZ Mobile sites load fast and are easy to navigate.

My simple advice: get a RAZ Mobile site, deploy a redirect for mobile visitors to your PC domain and don’t risk alienating your supporters. Show them you care about their experience with your nonprofit. Show them you care about their time and money. It’s really easy and could make a world of difference to you and your supporters.

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