Grab your (business) partner and do the nonprofit dosey-doe!

13 Nov


No, I haven’t lost my mind nor have I been listening to too much country-western music.

So what the heck-fire am I talking about?

It’s simple-all nonprofits need to grab a business partner and dance with them.

Dancing, in this case, means partnering with them in a bigger, ongoing way that transcends just them having their logo on your walk-a-thon tee shirts.


Before the advent of online giving, partnering with any business, large or small, by nonprofits large and small, meant the business wrote a check once a year or (gasp!) placed a clear plexiglass receptacle at the check out register for patrons to drop change into.

Now that mobile online giving is truly here, more can be done to reach a larger audience by the business working with the nonprofit. Social media makes the audience grow because of the nature of social networks-word can spread fast and new donors can be added to your donor files.

One of our customers had a recent campaign yield 50% new donors! How? They worked with a business, they leveraged social media and they leveraged in-the-moment-giving that mobile offers. No excuse to “give later” when the giving channel is in the palm of your hand. No pinching and swiping to figure out what the heck is on a page that’s slow to load and even harder to read. RAZ Mobile donation forms are fast to load and easy to complete in the moment.

So how to does a nonprofit do the dosey-doe with business partners? This dance has 4 steps so put on some Buck Owens and hit the floor!

Step 1 – target business owners you know, like and that you think would work with you. Don’t be bashful-ask them to help you.

Step 2 – create a campaign(s) with them, for them so they 1) have something to share with their employees, customers email contacts, social media followers via email, social media, printed materials and 2) so you can track their results in real-time. Give them online and offline giving tools they can easily integrate into email, social and printed materials. Track and share the results with them.

Step 3 – build a year-long, we-do-this-every-year calendar with these businesses and let them work to bring you donations and new donors. And……

Step 4 – let them be a sponsor on your RAZ Mobile site and ask them to pay for their presence on your RAZ Mobile site.

We’ve seen campaigns work using this dosey-doe dance and this moves the dance from the once-a-year mode to always dancing mode!

New donors and others working for you to spur giving plus elevated brand awareness are waiting for you.

Now get on the floor and do the dosey-doe!

One Response to “Grab your (business) partner and do the nonprofit dosey-doe!”

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