Giving thanks for the mobile cornucopia of fun facts about mobile!!

25 Nov


This Thanksgiving holiday I am reminded of all the great food prepared with loving care that my family and I will enjoy on Thursday. At the same time I am reminded that our table of culinary delights will not be enjoyed by all. When each of us sits down with family and friends on Thursday please count your blessings.

Part of my Thanksgiving ritual is to view all the dishes and plot what will be on my plate with the first pass. A taste of this and a taste of that also prepares me for the questions when we go home from my wife about what leftovers I favor. She’s so good to me.

It was with this same process of looking over the dishes that I reviewed Hubspot’s recent slides on 50 Amazing Facts About Mobile Marketing. (You can view it here on SlideShare.) They offered a cornucopia of fun facts about mobile for me to choose from. I perused their carefully prepared slides, found the juicy items for nonprofits to feast on and have presented them here for your consumption. There’s a lot here so make sure to chew slowly and make room for seconds.

Dish One91% of adults have their phone within arms reach 24 X 7. If you had asked me to name this figure I would have guessed this high but only because I would have been trying to be wildly optimistic. What this means for nonprofits is that the first device or payment mechanism your supporters have within arms reach is their phone. It’s not their PC nor their checkbook. If you are a nonprofit and you do not think this will matter much faster than you can possibly imagine you are risking your relevancy going forward. There’s no easy way to slice this turkey.

Dish Two25% of Americans use ONLY mobile devices to access the internet. This dish combined with the one above are like the taters to the turkey on your plate. For a nonprofit this further emphasizes the large population you either are or aren’t reaching. And, just like a tasty tater dish, there’s more of this to come. The number will grow and grow. It’s growing so quickly there are certain segments of business where they are being advised to not spend any more money on their PC site since it won’t see traffic growth…..ever again.

Dish Three – This one’s a simple dish and it’s one we all know. I consider this the bread item at the table. There are 5X the number of cellphones in the world than PCs. Cellphones are everywhere. They are a staple of life like bread. All nonprofits have to accept this fact, especially their boards.

Dish Four – Brands using text messaging reach 95% of all phones and 90% of text messages are opened with 3 minutes of receipt. This one’s an interesting  dish reminding me one of my favorites, broccoli/cheese casserole-they’re quite tasty together. Why would a nonprofit put this on their plate for engagement and fundraising? With stats like the this the better question is why not and when? These figures are too good to pass up on adding text messaging to your supporter communication mix.

Dish Five – It’s the finisher-pie with ice cream. I know what you’re thinking-it should be pumpkin pie with Cool Whip. I went non-traditional for a reason on this one. 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action and 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. Why do I consider this non-traditional for nonprofits? It’s as simple as pie a la mode and delicious too. Google’s recent change to search rank gives you better search rank with a mobile-optimized site alongside your main PC site at your home page URL versus having no mobile-optimized site. Google’s search rank change favoring mobile means you can no longer risk losing relevancy in mobile searches. This is especially true when you consider what happens with they do find you-they act on what they find right away.

I hope that you have enjoyed my mobile fun facts as Thanksgiving dishes and that you and your families have a wonderful, safe and fun Thanksgiving. Here’s to hoping that your nonprofit spies these great dishes in the mobile cornucopia and that you get your fill of them for many Thanksgiving Days to come.

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