Saying goodbye to 2013

18 Dec


As I look back at 2013 it’s been a great year.

There’s been a tremendous response to RAZ Mobile from our nonprofit customers. Money was and is being raised, mobile experiences were improved tremendously and best of all, eyes were opened as to the notion that mobile fundraising is way more than just text-to-give, which faded in relevancy big time in 2013. There’s so much more promise in what we do here with the RAZ Mobile platform compared to the less effective and more costly alternatives out there.

Our best day in 2013 was the ArtsKC campaign that raised over $15,000 in one day with more than 70% going through their RAZ Mobile campaign page. The campaign took only 3 weeks to plan and was shared via social media and email. Talk about a glimpse of what the future holds!!

As I have written here about my frustration with the “experts”, my worst day was in an online webinar being hosted by a large media outlet known for their work in helping nonprofits. On the call the expert said text-to-give was the way to go and her guest expert said no one wants to fill out a credit card form on their phone. I lost it. I wrote the editor of the publication and chastised her and the experts for not even knowing current research like the excellent data that flows from Millennial Impact Reports. Their ignorance was inexcusable in my eyes. The data is there-look at it! It points to the exact opposite of what two experts were telling the audience.

Anyone that feels that completing a credit card on a phone is not going to happen needs to take a peek at the for-profit world and see what’s going on there.

In 2013, mobile commerce was a frequent phrase seen in the media and it was often accompanied by words like “booming” and “soaring” and “growth for the future”.

There’s no denying that 2013 was, from my point-of-view, the beginning of what will be a very good 2014 for RAZ Mobile and our customers.

And so, in what will be the last blog of 2013, we say goodbye to what was a great year and we say THANK YOU!!! to our amazing customers.

For those of you beginning to look at mobile solutions, give us a call in the new year, get an online demo of our platform, read my blog and go mobile.

In 2014 there will be 365 chances to have your mobile day one happen and we welcome you and 2014 with a smile and a dedication to serving you all as valued RAZ Mobile customers.

Happy Holidays!!!

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