The power of being there

15 Jan


The holidays are often a season of surprises. For nonprofits, this can mean an unexpected and welcome year end gift from a new or existing donor. Such was the case for one of our smallest customers. Here’s their story.

We have a customer that is a one-person nonprofit. This nonprofit has as it’s chosen mission the creation of water wells for the poor in India. This is a great cause indeed. Access to water is a basic human need and we here in the US need to always be thankful that we only need to go to a tap for our water.

This customer activated on our platform in early 2013 at the recommendation of another customer whose mission is also in India. (We love word-of-mouth!) They had been on our platform for a period of months and asked if we could put their account in hibernation since, as a one-person cause, they were “swamped”. Although we bear expenses when we do this we said yeah, we can do that. We’ll be here for you when you want to ramp your engagement and fundraising efforts back up. So their RAZ Mobile account sat there doing nothing for a few months until the holiday season.

The principal at the nonprofit called me before Thanksgiving and said, “well, it’s the holidays and maybe I should bring my account out of hibernation and see what happens”. I said, “I think that’s a great idea given that so much giving happens at the end of the year.”

Our customer re-engaged and started sharing his RAZ Mobile site URL. We joined in with a few tweets of their URL in appeals over the course of the holidays to try to help drive awareness and to be there in case anyone felt the impulse to GIVE!

What happened next?

In the month of December a $2000 donation rolled in via their RAZ Mobile site from an existing donor in response to a tweet! $2000 from a single tweet? That’s right.

Clearly, this was a case of the impulse striking the donor when he saw the tweet and he made his donation via PayPal to our nonprofit customer’s RAZ Mobile site.

Our customer, the nonprofit, was there in the moment. In the moment via mobile-optimized websites is how millennials say they prefer to give. They themselves describe this as the preferred way to give on their phone. (We are seeing this apply to other age groups too.)

At that moment, and I can’t stress this enough, all excuses to wait until later fly out the window. There’s no looking at a PC site on a mobile phone and deciding to give up on making a donation because the donation page is designed for a PC and not for a mobile phone. (This last one is perhaps the best way to miss a donation in the moment.) RAZ Mobile sites make it so anyone can give in a few seconds.

Some will claim that the donation could have been made on a PC or a check written later. Hogwash. The challenge for all nonprofits in our multi-channel world is to open more ways to give and not try to funnel everyone into the way YOU want them to give. When they want to give-LET THEM via any means you have.

I call this the Coca-Cola theory of giving. Be everywhere so when the impulse strikes you get a donation. Coca-Cola does this by offering their products just about everywhere and in every form factor.

Our nonprofit customer was there on the donor’s phone when the impulse struck. Our nonprofit customer had just harnessed the power of being there. All of our customers are doing this. If you’re reading this and want a demo, go to our home page and request a demo. We’ll help you be there in the palm of their hand when a donor decides to give.

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