Mobile is the social media conversation extender

12 Feb

conversationThat social media is popular is nothing new. At Facebook they would say that for them, they see their mobile users as addicted to their application on mobile phones. Twitter is relying on mobile advertising (along with seemingly every other mobile start-up) to carry them to stratospheric heights or as least as high as their current valuation.

For many of us social media is more of a spectator sport albeit with many potential points of engagement where we can be part of the conversation or activity. Social media is a great place to snack on many topics and trends.

But what happens when I want to know more about what interests me when I see post in social media?

Let’s focus on Twitter for this discussion. Usually, there are link(s) in tweets. I’m not sure of the percentage but it seems high to me and that’s OK. What’s not OK with me is when the content I am taken to via the link in the tweet is meant for a PC and not my mobile phone. You see, I over index on using Twitter from my phone and I get frustrated when I have to wait for the linked content to load and pinching and swiping is equally frustrating.

Some content platforms have mobile-optimization and I admit to feeling a sense of relief that the content  in the tweet that interested me is something that I can read right then on my phone.

For nonprofits it’s really important to realize that all the social media platforms consider themselves as mobile-first and are preparing daily for a very, very mobile-centric future. With this realization comes the need and the opportunity to extend the conversation with your followers with something that renders quickly and allows them to take action right then and there on their mobile phone. When you present your content in social media it needs to render well (responsive design is the buzz phrase for this) on all devices, especially a mobile phone.

If what your nonprofit says in social media is of interest and you want your follower to learn more you really should extend the conversation with them via a mobile-optimized website or page. Having a link in your social media posts that points to a PC site/content it will likely result in the same frustration I have felt and there’s research that says the chance for a relationship with new and existing supporters is greatly diminished.

From my point-of-view, the conversation that goes on between a non-profit and their supporters is one long, ongoing conversation that needs to be devoid of dead ends like those provided by PC links on a mobile phone.

I know that you may be asking yourself if you are at a nonprofit “Does it really matter if I extend the conversation? Can’t they just go to my website?”

The answers are “Of course” to both questions. But you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to miss 1 in 4 who are mobile-only internet users.

As 1 in 4 moves to 1 in 3 I don’t think you’ll be able to wait much longer to offer the right way to extend the conversations you start in social media.

If you want to extend the conversation with your supporters and engage them then a mobile-0ptimized site is a must have and not a wait-until-later option for nonprofits.

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