7 takeaways from our most recent customer success story

12 Mar


Two mobile donations of $1000 as part of $14,000 raised from March 1, 2014 to March 10, 2014 via mobile phones by one nonprofit on our platform.

These two facts from this nonprofit’s campaign in March should help allay the fears that no one will give via their mobile phone. If a nonprofit “expert” says no one will give via their mobile phone it’s likely due to the reliance on a non-optimized donation page which is not the correct strategy for going mobile.

Here’s the takeaways I have to share with you about this nonprofit’s amazing success story. They are one of our newest customers and we are thrilled to be serving their mobile engagement and fundraising needs.

They are a small organization

Being successful in raising money is often thought to be difficult for smaller organizations. Small nonprofits often have limited staff and budgets and this can make campaigns a challenge. The main fundraising vehicle, direct mail, is a challenge as well for small nonprofits since scale is expensive with direct mail and often just a break even exercise. With over half the nonprofits in the US operating under $100K annually, effective fundraising solutions for nonprofits are essential to their survival. Takeaway: Mobile fundraising will yield donations no matter how large your nonprofit is.


There are more donors with credit cards than PayPal accounts and yet this success story is one that involved using PayPal to accept the donations. I have spoken to many nonprofits that don’t like PayPal and I get emails from friends commenting about some of our customers using PayPal saying that they won’t use it. The beauty here is that either way, PayPal or merchant account, the donations were in the hands of this nonprofit immediately. Try that with text-to-give. Takeaway: Although not the ideal way to accept online donations, PayPal works.


This particular RAZ Mobile customer launched in under an hour at the end of February in anticipation of this campaign. Their stated goal was to get up and running quickly for this campaign. State-of-the art, cloud-based platforms like ours make going mobile fast, secure and easy. Along with getting started fast, the act of giving was equally fast with an easy-to-navigate and fast-to-load donation page. The “I’ll do this later” attitude from donors was reduced as evidenced by the fact that this total was achieved in just 9 days. Takeaway: If it’s easy to get started and even easier to give going mobile should be an imperative for your nonprofit TODAY. Put the power to give in the palm of your supporters hands.

Donations and donors

$14,000 raised from 230+ donors yields an average gift of about $60. Takeaway: Stop thinking that mobile donors are going to make small donations. Also, there’s no way to get $60 average gifts let alone two $1000 gifts with text-to-give. Text-to-give is mobile disaster fundraising. This success story is about real mobile fundraising.

Get a team to help you

In this case there literally was a local sports team helping the nonprofit with this campaign. The team camped out on the roof of the nonprofit’s office and said they would not come down until their overall goal of $25,000 had been met. Mobile wasn’t the only channel used to reach the goal but it played a big part. The beauty of having support from an organization is that it helps you avoid burning out your core donors. The team in this success story approached their network of friends, family, social media followers, etc. about supporting the campaign. Takeaway: Partnering with others is a great way to expand your campaign’s reach and attract new donors.

Repeatability and scale

This success story will likely turn into a repeatable occurrence for our customer and not only next year but with other campaigns that involve another helping organization. We’ve seen scale achieved by many of our customers using our platform in workplace giving. Takeaway: Coupling the scale of mobile phones (66% penetration in the US, 83% penetration among millennials) with the reach and scale of helping organizations is the way to maximize mobile fundraising.

Return-on-investment (ROI)

This customer’s ROI on our platform was 2314%. Takeaway: What channel do you have today that extends your reach to anywhere, anytime and helps you reach new and existing supporters AND offers the chance to achieve a 2000%+ ROI? This level of ROI awaits you and you should go mobile TODAY!

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