My 78 year old father in-law wants online giving

6 Nov


For as long as I can recall in my time with RAZ Mobile, I have been told time and again that older donors don’t want to go online to give. Indeed, whenever I shared what we do at RAZ Mobile with my father in-law who is an older donor (primarily to his church) he said that he didn’t really see himself giving online.

The church that he gives to religiously does not offer online giving options. And, without naming the denomination, I don’t think they ever will.

The reality is that as this graphic from Dunham and Co. shows, the only group growing in their use of online giving is 60+ year olds. My father in-law is not alone.


But something changed him and it had nothing to do with him spending more of his life online as so many of us do today. It has to do with his grandkids.

You see, my father in-law now has a grandchild in collegiate Division 1 athletics and he couldn’t be prouder of that fact. My father in-law would like to travel to see her play and he figures that points on his credit card that earns him fly miles would be a good thing to do.

And he’s right.

He’s got time on his hands and wants to travel and see his grandkids at college and he’d like to take what he does already, give to his church, and have that drive benefit back to him in fly miles.

Everyone wins.

He’s not looking to (GASP!) write down his credit card info on a form and hand it to a stranger. He’s shopped online so online security concerns don’t cause him to refrain from using his credit card online. (Just watch your bill. It’s not hard to make sure you don’t get ripped off.)

He wants points from online giving and rightly so in our opinion.

So, encourage the older folks to give with credit cards that earn them points. Everyone wins.

Dale Knoop is part of a great team working to make RAZ Mobile a great platform for any cause engaged in fundraising. Any cause can create an content-rich mobile presence, share it through text messages, social media, QR codes, advertising and more and best of all-quickly and securely process donations from motivated supporters. Dale holds multiple patents and applications for patent in the mobile space including advertising, content optimization, geo-targeting, negative QOS and a mnemonic device QR code alternative .


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