Report: Mobile Traffic Has Increased 112% in the Past Year as Desktop Continues to Decline

21 Jan


The great folks over at Skava reported in the fourth quarter via their blog something that we’ve blogged about here and it’s a finding that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to internet trends: the internet is fast becoming a mobile landscape.

Here’s a great quote from their report:

Mobile web accounts for 85% of total traffic for retailers, dominating mobile apps’ 15% share. Revenue numbers reflected this pattern, with 90% generated from online purchases made via mobile web and 10% made through apps.

This is not the first time anyone has reported on this topic-the mobile web taking over the PC as the main traffic driver on the internet. And yet in the for-profit world and especially the nonprofit world, even if a course to mobile has been charted, the engines are set to “Dawdle” speed.

Why is this? Confusion in the market place? Sure. There will be always be confusion in the early stages of a market shift and there is a lack of knowledge available without an expert’s price tag required to get the knowledge. (Here at RAZ Mobile, we dispense mobile internet knowledge for free on a daily basis. Give us a call or send us an email.)

But even with the confusion in the marketplace, there is a BIG incentive to change your pace from “Dawdle” to something more accelerated. How about accelerating to “Brisk”?

The singular reason I see for moving faster with your nonprofit’s mobile plan is what we are seeing firsthand at RAZ Mobile.

Things like:

  • $100 average donation per donor
  • 1 in 4 donors storing their credit card info for repeat gifts in seconds
  • Easy and effective event giving

With data like this from Skava an argument can be easily made to say that while consumers are racing to move their internet lives to their phone and away from the PC, the same pace is not present in the nonprofit world or in reality even the for-profit world. Both are unfortunately Dawdling in embracing great, optimized mobile experiences. The effects are measured in negative financial outcomes.

The reality is that “Dawdle” is costing you donations for each and every day you go without a frictionless giving experience on any screen. Accelerating your mobile plan to “Brisk” means stopping the losses and embracing what Skava reported above. The mobile phone is taking over the internet.

The mobile phone, each day, week, month, grows in its trend of replacing the PC. Just as direct mail is melting away, so will the PC as the primary online giving channel.

The good news is everyone’s got a phone and the giving results we’re seeing for our customers means accelerating your efforts to brisk and delivering a frictionless giving experience on an phone, tablet or PC will pay off big time.

Dale Knoop is part of a great team working to make RAZ Mobile a great platform for any cause engaged in fundraising. Any cause can create an content-rich mobile presence, share it through text messages, social media, QR codes, advertising and more and best of all-quickly and securely process donations from motivated supporters. Dale holds multiple patents and applications for patent in the mobile space including advertising, content optimization, geo-targeting, negative QOS and a mnemonic device QR code alternative.

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