IBM finds app security lacking (and we do too)

25 Mar


At the outset of creating RAZ Mobile we were asked by our developers if we wanted to use the browser for our customer mobile sites or if we wanted to create apps. We chose to use the browser because every phone has one and mobile websites can look very much like apps if the optimization is done well (which we do).

But primary among the myriad reasons for choosing to use the browser was and is donor security. Donations are financial transactions after all and we live in an age of security breaches being far too common place. Donor information security is paramount to earning the trust of the donor and nonprofit alike.

In a recent report, IBM found app security to be lacking in most apps they checked. Dating apps had open holes that could hijack the mic on the phone for example. IBM estimates that over 11 million phones are infected with nefarious code at any given time. Yikes.

Hijacking an app seems to be fairly easy to do given the IBM findings and the survey IBM conducted suggests that many developers are simply in a hurry to get their app done and they cut corners and one corner that gets cut is security. This is really sad.

The path we chose of using the browser means no donor data is retained on the phone and there’s no app on the phone for a hacker to take over. In fact, our donation forms are literally connected to the server that does the processing of donations made to our customers. A direct connection in this manner is ideal and we offer this high level of security to all our customers.

When it comes to going mobile at your nonprofit, don’t get on the app hamster wheel. Security is important and platforms like ours can help take security worries for you and your donors away.

Dale Knoop leads a great team working to make RAZ Mobile a powerful platform for any cause engaged in fundraising. Any cause can create an content-rich mobile presence, share it through text messages, social media, QR codes, advertising and more and best of all-quickly and securely process donations from motivated supporters with a minimum of friction. Dale holds multiple patents and applications for patent in the mobile space including advertising, content optimization, geo-targeting, negative QOS and a mnemonic device QR code alternative.

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