Summer’s here so it’s time to think about holiday giving?

24 Jun


Once upon a time, I worked with a gal who was known for her Christmas in July parties. She was the kind of person that liked to celebrate. I think Christmas in July for her was partly celebration but also good measures of decorations around the house and the novelty of Christmas in July.

Hopefully your nonprofit is like this gal I once knew-you’re thinking about the crucial holiday giving season. Plans are being made now, hopefully, and I’m here today to suggest getting serious about adding frictionless mobile giving to your nonprofit’s options for giving this holiday season.

Here’s 3 reasons why.

#1 – There’s the eventuality of mobile

In the car, on the street, in meetings, in theaters…….mobile is everywhere and not going to go away or become any less of a lifestyle and giving game-changer.

At some point, and why not now for this holiday season, your nonprofit will have to embrace easy ways to take large donations on mobile phones.

I know what you’re thinking. Online giving is still small, direct mail still works, so why would I look at spending time and energy on mobile? Well, it’s like the Bible verse that reminds us that we know neither the day nor the hour.

In this same vein, not to burst your bubble, but your nonprofit will not know the precise moment when mobile will matter (TODAY!) but rest assured that day is coming and much sooner than you think.

#2 – The holidays are the “giving season” and mobile giving can help you tap the impulse to give

Everyone knows the holiday season is about giving to those you love and those you care about. It’s about last-minute tax deductions too. The media, the mail, social media and on and on are full of the giving spirit.

When the spirit touches a donor, what’s at arms length in that very moment?

Their phone.

Not their checkbook. Not their laptop. Their phone is right there. Let them give in that moment easily and without friction via their phone. You will likely be surprised by the results.

#3 – It’s a great addition to your direct mail

This one overlaps a bit with #2 but it really has more to do with putting as many giving options in your direct mail as possible in order to gain a donation.

With additional options in your direct mail your nonprofit can, over time, see which options your supporters respond to. And here again, you might be surprised to see supporters who you thought were too old to use their phone to give start making gifts to you via their phone.

As we enjoy the summer I encourage all nonprofits to give our platform a try. We don’t have a contract and it’s super easy to get started. We see large gifts to our customers on a regular basis. For the reasons above and many more not listed, give your own nonprofit the gift of frictionless mobile fundraising this holiday season.

Don’t make us tell Santa that you won’t.

Dale Knoop leads a great team working to make RAZ Mobile a powerful platform for any cause engaged in fundraising. Any cause can create an content-rich mobile presence, share it through text messages, social media, QR codes, advertising and more and best of all-quickly and securely process donations from motivated supporters with a minimum of friction. Dale holds multiple patents and applications for patent in the mobile space including advertising, content optimization, geo-targeting, negative QOS and a mnemonic device QR code alternative.

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