About Us

RAZ Mobile (www.razmobile.com) is dedicated to providing nonprofits and political organizations engaged in fundraising with next-generation solutions for mobile engagement and fundraising. RAZ Mobile has ushered in a new era in mobile giving beyond and better than text-to-give, with a complete turnkey solution that gives fundraising organizations the ability to create a rich, branded mobile presence that they can then share via social media, email and other channels they use today. The RAZ Mobile platform offers easy tools for workplace giving and crowd-funding campaigns as well as realtime reporting and unlimited text messaging for instant supporter communications.

Listen to this success story from one of our amazing customers.

For nonprofits, RAZ Mobile solves three challenges facing nonprofits as their internet traffic from mobile phones grows dramatically.

  • With your RAZ Mobile site you can redirect mobile visitors to your primary domain URL to a great experience and no longer risk your Google search rank. Google now crawls over your primary domain looking to see how you treat mobile visitors and they will demote your search rank purposely without a mobile optimized experience.
  • 84% of nonprofits in the US do not have a mobile optimized donation experience and there is a wealth of third party research indicating that your nonprofit is LOSING DONATIONS TODAY by relying on a PC donation form which is way too hard to complete on a mobile phone causing would-be donors to give up.
  • Repeat gifts are the lifeblood of every nonprofit and we make them happen on any screen in as little as 20 seconds, anytime, anywhere and all of them completely PCI-compliant and secure.

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